POV: you go on europe to grind

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except you cant move without lagging ;(

bro, i went to grind on eu and ANGEL KILLED ME
AGAIN…i think im done with life (T-T)

sad, i havent rly seen angel play

dam, you prolly wont be able to cuz he’ll kill you right away lol

That wasnt angel, that was me. We had an alt ACC called Manage&ANGEL>:) but we had a fight so I took out manage. Im adding it back in a week.

POV: you live in canada and you go on europe to grind:
-1,000,000,000ms, 1 player

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dam, hope u guys make up

angel is rly good i can’t beat her

actually no one has been able to defeat on max pro player mode cause Iv’e never had a real challenge that forces me to play on max

we did lol

I rarely met Angel

lolllll I was the only one in europe at that moment

I have beat her only 1 time !!!

maybe u did but did u beat me for real real??




That’s cap cuz I rarely play on max

I beat you. Fair and not square cause the mathematical definition of fair is pi the only way to get the circumference of a circle

:heart:= 1 love for nerds

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nah ah I know that I can destroy you if I really wanted too

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And I 100% agree

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Keep this on-topic :sunglasses: