This skin had no desc :skull:
Screenshot 2023-03-02 9.46.12 AM



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Also it doesn’t show how many people have bought a skin before D:

And it still takes literally 30 seconds to open the shop
Not much of a performance fix ;/

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@gautam told u not to accept pr… Look what happened

no way they did me like that :skull:
oh well idc anymore MICROWAVE SKIN BABEEEE


he added majority of frumpy’s skins h is bias for him and the clan

still a W skin tbh.


The sword is cool too
hujh (2)

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he only added two…

But luckly he added a lot of Slapadabass’s skins

Fr fr

I did that

He wasn’t supposed to add frump. That shud be next update

oops, sorry

they added it because they r good skins

he added the furnace because he is bias

ok and lol its a cool skin who cares if he had bias

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