So, why should I be elected Vice President, you ask? The short answer: I shouldn’t.

Here’s why:

This is the list of candidates.

Faraway_Flame (me)

FwhipyFishy is too toxic, Assasinator hardly posts, DesertShadow is going to college in a few months.

That leaves:


Now, who deserves it most? Glaceon already won TGFB. That leaves me, Killer, and Finn. Killer and I are backed by HUGE clans, microwave and fighting club respectively. That leaves Finn.

Finn has always been the underdog, but also one of the nicest, friendliest, and most caring people I’ve ever seen. He always does the right thing, even when it’s hard, so that’s why I think that F1NN96 should be the Vice President of this forum.


Hi everyone. I’m Faraway_Flame, a random person on this forum who thinks we are all about to make a HUGE mistake. This is an important issue that affects us all. We have a lot of nice and talented people on this forum, but many people, including F1NN, are often underrated and neglected.

F1NN has been on this forum for almost 7 months, and he has never been recognized for whatever he does. There are much more popular, more liked people running for Vice Pres, like Glaceon, Killer, and Assasinator.

But F1NN brings his own perspective to the table. He knows FIRSTHAND how being neglected feels, and will make sure that no one ever feels that way again. He will give new and old players alike recognition, something that other candidates might not understand to do.

In conclusion, you should really consider voting for F1NN96 as vice president. He has the skills, experience, and leadership qualities to make swordbattle a better place. Let’s give him a chance to prove himself, and he can make it stronger and better than it was before. Thanks for reading this, and before you vote someone out of bias or because they’re in your clan, consider voting for F1NN.

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i have no chance in this election lol

Every voter who votes for me (if I win) I’ll grind you 50,000 SB coins!

bruh 50 k is nothing

if kick killer out of fight club will u vote him?(he’s so nice and if i were president he would make a great vice ppresident)

no one really admires me or anything -_-

Nah I do. I admire everyone… even the bots

i just love bots

I’m so proud of bots

i think you love chatgpt too much

I remember that bot cult guy

I think you’re cool