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So if I make a proxy for forum users only, what will I get in payment? I need answers today otherwise I’ll only make one for personal / private use. If you do use the proxy to bypass forum bans, I will permanently ban your ip address from the proxy itself.


i can’t promise any kind of form of pay at all, i cannot pay for anything at all, which sucks

what for payment?

i’m not sure

Anything, just make it worthy.

hey fish would a custom pfp work?


dm me

1m sb coins?
So is the proxy just for people who pay u?

I’m not even sure what i could pay fish at all

i made fish a pfp

@Fish what if I gave u a soul?

just wondering :innocent:


What type of payment do you want?

i have a idea i give a proxy for free to everyone

I already unblocked everything with some like chrome://settings/signOut chrome://restart Sign in - Google Accounts lol

Im talking like a professional proxy, not some fake junk one.

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Still, im talking about an unblocker that has fast speeds and not only, supports everything.

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i have everything unblocked