PSA: Fake frumpy

This is just a little announcement that if you see someone with the name “Frumpy” with a capital F in-game, it is NOT me. My name is {CK} frumpy and if you ever see someone claiming to be me, if they aren’t top 10 on the leaderboard it is ALSO not me.

I can’t ever get my original name back, unfortunately, because this kid is now permanently taking it.

He can’t be reasoned with. If you see him, stab him for me, will ya?

Stay safe out there, and happy stabbing.


ask gautam about it maybe he can fix it cause impersonating is bad.

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there was a whole conversation, already happened


Oh, oops I just saw that guy.

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I’ll show that guy no mercy. Maybe I’ll be a tad bit harsh on them, a few cold remarks every now and then.


Got it, will target.

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