Pulling the Pin - Suroi.io

Yank a pin out, cook the 'nade, and toss it to blow your enemy sky high! The throwables update is here and brings a plethora of new features and content the game.

First and foremost: throwables. Punch a grenade box, scattered around the map, to find frag and smoke grenades. Frags have a timed fuse and produce a powerful explosion, while smokes can provide cover to hide from enemies.

Two new powerful weapons have made it ashore in this update: the Vepr-12 and the Vector. The Vector is incredibly strong, but burns through ammo fast. Similarly, the Vepr-12 will send opponents running, but keep an eye on your 12-gauge ammo reserves.

The first new building (in a while!) also makes its debut. The armory is a bastion of strength for the island, and the weapons and density of loot live up to that. Explore the office, bunkhouse, APC, and the vault, which contains powerful loot.

There are a bunch more new features to check out, such as a new port layout (including an oil tanker!), mobile home, Viking chests, the seax, maul, and major UI changes. Stay survivn’!


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