Pushing Chests

It is possible to push chests in swordbattle.io and its actually simple! I dont know whether this is a feature or a bugโ€ฆ

Step 1. Find a rock or a pushable object (other than players and mobs)

Step 2. Find a chest, this works on any sized chest

Step 3. push the object into the chest and it will move!

im not committed enough to make any images but do this yourself it works!


already discovered this a while ago, it is rlly fun tho! it seems like a feature to me.

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Happens with coins too

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put all chests in one corner so nobody get any heheheh

Iโ€™m gonna push all of the chests to the bottom left corner of the map now


XD we should actually try this lol. We could break all the chests in the other biomes so they would respawn in the biome we are in


Nah theyโ€™d all despawn while we try to get them to the corners, unless we get like 20 people to push them all at once

Oh yeah thatโ€™s true :sob:


I think 3 or 4 might be enough, but idk

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