Put stuff here you want added to the game!

Some things I want to be added to the game are

  • A “your area” on the leaderboard so you can see who is around you if you’re not top 100.

  • Rocks, I know this has been talked about before but I want rocks

  • More evo’s


Getting coins from an alt acc into your main…


anime ngl it would improve the game about 10 fold just thing the stocks on this game would sky rocket because of the weebs which would increase the flux flow which in total would make coder more money so anime is what should be added

NEXT AND BACK BUTTONS. go up a place and down a place using buttons


Leave game btn

Please don’t add anime pleaaaaaase!

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Tht wont happen. Dont wry

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more evos
powerups with coins
more maps
able to team or friend someone by clicking on a button or something
customize your own skin

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