PvP [EXPERT PACK] (obtainable by following and leaving a comment)

Just change the name now to a lowercase c so he can’t do anything

with your permission of coruse

Thatll piss me off. I need grammar./capitalization

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Im not gonna give permisiion. Idc tho

Then what?

Yall r stoopid. Im not dumb. Chech lb

Just did before you typed it


Cosmic changed there name before you

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I is big brain

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To CosmicWarlord 12 - 13

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My name wont be red tho.

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The name is red the player isnt

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Sad Well 7 days you can change it back

N not sad. It’s still meaningful

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i am late


I like the red name looks evil like beware this player

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@ManagePasswords make a alt with your name to save it

Am not stupid

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i wanted to take peoples names on halloween with harsh but he didnt want to