PvP [EXPERT PACK] (obtainable by following and leaving a comment)

(Styles of fighting) there are the players who hold the sword then hit and there’s the ones who just hit so you can choose one of them.

(Tips in fighting) when you hit every time back off a little so the other player can’t hit you if they try to hit you after you back up and they miss move toward them and try to hit them, if a opponent is too close to you and you want them to back off you can throw your sword at them to push them away, and lastly when you’r trying to hind from Acol and you can evolve don’t evolve till you need it because it makes you look small on the map.

(You’r own style of fighting) This is the fun part where you make your own style of fighting or figure our your style first you have to choose from hold then hit or just hit, next you can choose from defender/tank, warroir, rook or attacker/ berserker, vampire, knight then you can to choose from sword throw player or a sword swing player (you will be better at the skill you choose but you can still do the other) lastly are you a teamer of are you a solo guy (do you work better when you team or when you work alone).

You can tell me your style of fighting below (so i can kill you easier)

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