Question for CS teachers and students

On November 15, Replit shut down Teams for Education, meaning that thousands (if not millions) of teachers worldwide would have to migrate off of the platform. Replit promised a method of exporting users’ data off of the website by the end of march, but little to no information has been provided on the scheduled release of such a tool.

Because of this, I have decided to develop a 3rd party export tool which would achieve the same purpose, if not better. To do this, I would like to know which services teachers use besides Replit in CS courses (one that I can think of is codeHS).

For me, a student that took a cs class that also used replit, we didn’t really need to host anything and we can still run and test programs- as long as the tab is open

you brought up a valid point, students should also be included in the target audience. thanks!

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