Quick little reccomendation to stop roaching

Make it so that ppl with more than 10-15 levels of difference cant attack each other. It stops the tiny players from unfairly killing larger players, and it stops higher level players from bullying smaller players. Adjust the number as needed (this isn’t in the idea dump because it’s more a general thing and needs the attention)


I’m not sure about this one. I feel it would make the game a lot more confusing. What do you all think?


I mentioned this before in one of my posts and I agree with @SliceAnd_DiceTheReal

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just have some text say “level disparity too high” or smth when the code procs


No dont. Then u can only battle people ten levels ahead of u

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I think ur misunderstanding the grammar.
the DIFFERENCE is the larger number minus the smaller number.
24 - 19 = 5, can fight
35 - 1 = 34, can’t fight

It limits ur options tho


limits them to reasonable levels. A 15er is NOT going to kill a samurai, samurais shouldn’t hunt 15ers, and too many people have died to level 1-3s running circles around them while getting their HP whittled down. Me included. YOU included.

actually, ive gotten knights to red health with only 1.5k in game

nice (I can kinda relate actually) but if we wanna get this game a playerbase we should remember that stuff like that is the exception, not the rule.

Itll be hard for tinies to level up. Plus, samurai can still pick on levels ten below which is still op

chests exist (and are getting a rarity overhaul), and this isn’t a perfect solution. Some players can still pick on others even with this implemented, but it becomes far less ergregious.

Raroty pverhaul might takes some time

still, 100 coins per with how easy they are to find means it’s far from hard for tinies to level up

Not comparee to samurai size

coder I have a good IDEA message me if you wanna hear it is a ablity you unlock after level 20 no matter what (msg me for more info)

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