Quitting for good

Im quitting swordbattle and forum. I got super bored and tired of waiting for v2 i know its coming out soon but theres been no updates beside the skin and it just boring it was fun i had a great time and so long

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Peace out brother. It was an honor battling with you, you will be missed
see you soon

See you soon Vul

ok bye i guess im kinda fine with that bcz u wanted war with my clan that i was gonna make to try to be friends with every clan on swordbattle.io

:wave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKXGrXNUDEI

Goodbye… I will remember you.

Cya bud

Wow how fumny




Will u be back?

Cya comeback latter

ok but srly bye have a good life or whatever i kinda feel bad about not caring last time so bye

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