R u a God or mortal?

What r u?
If you are ranked above 100 you are a Mortal.
If you are ranked in the top 100-5o your a low level god your a god of mortals.
If you are ranked anything from 50-25 your a GOD of low level gods and mortals.
If you are 25-1 YOU ARE THE GODS OF Every God and mortal.
If you are A Mod You just get…everything.

Dont get mad at me. It some random thing. If you dont agree, so be it.

im low level god

ur in the 600’s

im almost a low level god

que dramatic music
i am a GODS OF Every God and mortal.

i guess i am a god of every god and mortal

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you are

yes it says top 1-25

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i am #11

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Almost a low-level god. Soon I will Ascend.

Im a goddess

ur a mortal

I’m dust(#334)

i am top 22

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I’m a god of all of the low level gods.
I’m sadly at 49 right now.

even tho im a mortal, i can still rip open demons without a sweat

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i and i will rip open u

bruh, i’ve literally was about to solo you know what

1v1 rn europe i will join at 12:00 eastern time

smtn else bud