🔴(Rail Gun)Final sneak peak before I release the final product!

will the laser go through the walls?

Ill release the info for that in the final product but yes I want it to go through wall

welp it’s over

how much damage…?

200 but VERY VERY LONG CD and 10 second startup

200 = instakill

which is why the cd is 2 minutes

any weapon that can instakill just isnt a good idea

ik i dont even know the stats im just spreading misinforamtion lmfao

Ill release the info on the damage and everything when im finished but damage is a bit more that sniper


so redsigned and weaker pulse gun?

Ill give information later but it does have to do with pulse gun

alr but all im saying is it sounds alot like pulse gun but weaker

definitely not weaker because it will have better specs than pulse gun in a way but also things that pulse gun doesnt have

its just pulse gun that goes thru walls

sniper boomstick shotgun

that looks goooooooooooood

Thx! Check out my other topic where I showed the final product of it