Random Idea that i made

A swordbattle world cup.
Basically some of the best Sb players (top 100) would Compete in a tournament every year, to determine the best Swordbattleio player.
This is just an idea.


If this get enough likes and reply’s I may even host one, Or someone else can

Cool idea


Maybe when the games bigger because I doubt there are people from all countries plus who would choose who represents each country.

Although it would be really cool to watch something like that!

Oh, yeah i should take account if anybody’s is from a country besides the us, and if we get 4, I will think about making this a reality.

So list your country if you want to participate in the wc, Ill go first(its not like i will make it but)

Yea that would be cool like you said a little flag next to the name would be nice

True not every sport event had every country


I never thought of that actually

creep wants to try to find me

where you live putty tat?

represent any country lmao?

yeah only mayor and u live in russia that i know of maybe u can tell ur friends to start playing?

so ur country is killing his?

ik that i searched up petersburg it USED to be in ukraine


oh wait its Mariupol/Petersburg lol

I love the idea just that 100 people in the server lol, we would be lucky to get 20 :skull:
Maybe one day in the future

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