Random Skin Concept Art

I wanted to keep these simpler and conform more closely to the circular format compared to my last batch of designs. Partly for simplicity and partly to save myself some time since I’m behind on my commission work.

These are just concept drawings to share my ideas, which is why they aren’t formatted properly according to the usual template. If I end up needing to change that, I will. But for now, here are some simple skin concepts.

In order, compass, cookie, lime and coin


damn, these look just as good too!

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bro must be walter white the way hes cooking :pray:

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COMPASS!!! I rly like your skins

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Thanks, I love making them so I’m glad people like them

Also you do commission work? That sounds awsome!


You should make a monkey one NOW

Lmfao sure, I’ll put it on the back burner

Thanks! I’m not too good of an artist and I don’t make enough to live on, but I enjoy the work anyway

Well your profile seems like awsome Art to me lol. Could you try making a swordbattle skin?

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avg bellpepper w

Sure, I’ll take a stab it once I find the free time!

You’ve earned yourself a follow.

Something I don’t give to many people (not even gautam lol).

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Lmao, thank you! Means alot dude

Thanks! I love making them

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Best skin concepts easily

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This guy needs to be promoted to dev

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i think we have a cookie skin just saying mann