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Sneak peak

10 out of 10 Number!

You’re amazing
Great job

The next da Vinci

0 out of 100003949394849

Scribbles + yellow star = skin

Amazing skin, this should be worth 5,000,000,000 gems

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@ManagePasswords can you add it?

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Wow!! One of the best skins I’ve seen!! How much time did you take to make this?!?!?

Sneak peak??? 1000000000000000000000/1

3 years

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Woah! That explains this is so good!! When is this getting added?

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A masterpiece.

@gautam add

It definitely should be added

STAR POWER! Add it!!!

I forgot what name it was but there was a similar skin to this @wasd remember? it’s a meme skin?

Not a meme skin, its a work of art :sparkles:

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