Rats, and bots

This is probably an addition to ingonitoes : swordbattle.io’s biggest problem.
if there was one suggestion I would make them that would be to either nerf the rats damage. the god damn thing comes when I’ve been in the game for like 30 secs. the other option would be to reduce the spawn rate / reduce the amount of times it spawns. really idk if its only me cuz like I haven’t played in a while so probably my skills aren’t as good? what are ur thoughts?
Also bots are just too good now. like bro spawn killing too??? hell nah

you should of made the suggestion in the same post but ok

let’s say there’s a 0 health level 1 player and 0 health level 10 player- i feel like they have the same amount of health? or at least it’s too similar… also remove the kill count in game because it gives players a incentive to spawnkill and bully smaller players.

Yetis? The snow biome mobs?

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Isnt spawn protected?

He probably means the bots killing him at low coin amounts

Also whats kind of ironic is the spawn doesn’t even give that much protection lol

Oh. Well in that case just get good? I mean if you can’t even face a bout then…