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I need a long break I feel some things are wrong and need to be fixed life is depressing these days I might not be active much and might have a somewhat a break you might not see or might see me I love this community but something else in IRL are wrong I just feel like I’m depressed so I might not be active thanks to everyone again. BYE BYE BYE

CYA In Swordbattle V2

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Aw… :[ Feel better man. Come back soon!


Come back soon and grind with me


by the time u come back ill be the next best pvp much love frag marry christmas

Oh no i hope that you will be able to get the help you need are the right thinghappens and comes your way because i have lost all of my grandparents execpt one and that has really harmed me epically this year because i will never be able to know what it truly is to have a grandfather or what it is to have a loving grandmother because the only grandparent that i have left is in poor health and is in bad condition mentally i hope that you will get better soon i know what it is like to feel like life is meaning less but always realize that you have people that love and you have ally’s sing on my friend and know that people still enjoy who you are and that you will be able to recover i hope the best will ocme your way you truly deserve it good bye friend.

welp you’ll find someone else willing to put their name as “Name” < Acol

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