Real quick before i make my comic 4 i must talk about players im mad at that im not adding in book

here are the people: FwhipyFishy and that’s it maybe u learned you’re mistakes for betraying me if i get 6 votes or 5 im letting this man in a book lets see your votes people

  1. Let him be in one
    2.don’t let him
  • Let him be in one
    *don’t let him be in one

i should totally be in one m8

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alright maybe book 4

Maybe I can be in one just as a background character


i will make my fourth one tommorrow bc i just got my book destroyed talking threw this

Yay I wanna be in

ok u can

mahahahahha what could happen if zarooma is in a book lol

maybe u coud be lightning

I want in lol

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holy hell

ima try and make a battle royale next

everyone is gonna fight to the death sorry for spoilers but yeah

and there will be 5m coins on the line you have to battle it out to win a 5m coins account

i need victoty

im gonna make one tommorrow after school and u guys have to join swordbattle at pm time and around 7pm and at the top right corner and get on to win!


it will be in usa 1

well however much i get on the account u win