funny poster

I made a realmz poster/thumbnail, i already posted it on discord but wanted to show it here as well c:


:fire: I love it. Futurepear should make it a banner on the forum

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awwwwww thanks!!

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Good poster

This is amazing! The framing and composition is so dynamic and over all super pleasing to look at! Great work!

Thanks! I appreciate it

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its great fr sykon

Its actually good enough 2b the logo 4 evrything this is rly good

It looks realistic but cartoony w is good

I want to eat your art

looks edible enough


this is incredible

Ya ill commission him soon prob

Its a good poster. The art is nice, the colors match, the angle and position fits, and the shading is good. Nice work, @Kekereke . You a commissioner?

thanks user heeeheeheee

thank u!!!

:flushed: slapdabass the legendary sb artist commented on my drawing!!?!?!?! Thanks lol

so true

awww thanks