Heres a list of people that need some killing
Show a screenshot or video to prove you killed them for your reward! (If it doesnt clearly show that you killed them you wont get your reward)
Also no killing yourself for coins

DN-Clappz - 1500 coins (Kills left: 3)
Lazorbak - 1500 coins (Kills left: 3)
Minion - 1499 coins (Kills left: 5)
Anyone using florbius skin - 1500 coins (Kills left: 1)
Anyone using hydra skin - 2500 coins (Kills left: 1)
DXRK_Destroyer - 1 coin (Kills left: 1)

An actual hacker - 15 erthium (Kills left: 3)
Futurepear - 30 erthium (Kills left: 1)


BRO why am I on there

I could afford florbius if I had 54000 coins. plz give me the coins and I will call you my best friend

killed that dn clappz guy

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I can buy florb but im going for hydra
i killed sped (admin prob keeps getting himself 101 lvls) multiple times and made them leave

i ma get 1 coin!

@bruh everyone’s a hacker.

@futurepear you probably didn’t include me because I’m too good at the game in other words impossible to kill.

Bruh cheater

If i give u coins i have to give everyone coins

is that a bad thing?

8 coin bounty on u


@everyone free coins if you can kill me im playing rn.

naw im good

what bounty am i on?

u sure 8 coins is alot ?

naw i could get that in my sleep.

so he’s not allowed do get his own money? there isn’t any rule abt it

Just added rule also your bounty is 1499 trollololol

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