Official Alternative Links

All domains of if one gets blocked:


thank you @futurepear

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the normal link works but the others are blocked :skull:

non of them work for me :frowning:


just fork an copy version of the game and u make a link out of from replit if it doens’t work on alternative

yo i dont have access to replit can you do it for me?

its a closed source game

they blocted all of the links like all of them

time to revive this topic a little bit and add a little bump too the seasoning also use a proxy. :skull:

ok that

Thanks :joy:

Do you find this funny? Are you having a chuckle? Hilarious isn’t it. Now get out.

also future pwease more links :pleading_face: :point_right::point_left:

Hey future if you host on heroku or linode dosent it give you a domain like or something similar? even if you have a custom domain.

heroku link is
linode gives an IP address which should be hidden

new link yay

didn’t we alr have that one I remember playing on it a while back

Me too that’s why I asked.

yay unblocked