players tier list

:green_circle: (Plays regularly)
:yellow_circle: (Plays occasionally)
:red_circle: (Plays rarely)
didnt rate myself btw
S Tier
Future :red_circle:
Dormenthesian :yellow_circle:
Yeetus Fetus🟡
7Clappz :yellow_circle:

A Tier
Elemental :yellow_circle:
Impostor🟢 (bro switched to anonymous)
RDC No :yellow_circle:
Dartfrog :yellow_circle:

B Tier
funny_dot :yellow_circle:
Squished :yellow_circle:
Polar Drac :yellow_circle:

C Tier
Hi :yellow_circle:

D Tier
Everybody else

I’ll make this a wiki so stuff can be added?

cc @prookl if you could start this that would be cool


You’re in S bro

Yes there should

What am i in

D, if you’re not on the tier list you’re in D

what abt me

my highest kills is 57
with lvl 365