players tier list

:green_circle: (Plays regularly)
:yellow_circle: (Plays occasionally)
:red_circle: (Plays rarely)
didnt rate myself btw

S Tier

Future :red_circle:
Dormenthesian :yellow_circle:
Yeetus Fetus🟡
7Clappz :yellow_circle:

A Tier

Elemental :yellow_circle:
Impostor🟢 (bro switched to anonymous)
RDC No :yellow_circle:
Dartfrog :yellow_circle:

B Tier

funny_dot :yellow_circle:
Squished :yellow_circle:
Polar Drac :yellow_circle:

C Tier

Hi :yellow_circle:

D Tier

Everybody else

I’ll make this a wiki so stuff can be added?

cc @prookl if you could start this that would be cool


You’re in S bro

Yes there should

What am i in

D, if you’re not on the tier list you’re in D

what abt me

my highest kills is 57
with lvl 365

blud is you’re gonna make a new tier list make sure it isn’t 90% copied from mine except you removed 75% of it. :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :sob: :sob: :sob:


I beat lazorbak like, 3 times…
Does that make me S rank??



does future look at these?


is his user futurepear?

if u count the times youve killed lazorbak rather than counting the times youve died to him, then you shouldnt be S tier.

Yeah future is @futurepear

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hes killed me 3 times

It doesn’t really matter if you beat a person a certain number of times. What I think matters more is if you are able to compete decently well against going other people in a certain rank. If you are able to go against those people giving yourself and the other a decent challenge which means you two art at a similar skill level then that would make you qualify for that rank. It also requires others that make the tier list to see you playing to understand how well you do too. So in relation to your message if you were to be in S Tier, that would mean you have to be able to pose considerable difficulty to all others in the same tier and they also cannot be fakers too. It also means that you need to be consistent with your gameplay and not die a lot to people below your tier. Finally, please don’t tell others how many times you’ve killed other players. It is not really a good way to qualify if you are good or not. There are many other things that would be needed to take into consideration if we are talking about somebody killing another person and they’re getting killed by that same person ratio. This also includes the highest level and highest kills as well. Thanks for reading whatever I have wrote!

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