The target audience of this post is for players.

Right now the biomes are kinda useless, so I propose this biomes idea.
Biome Things:
Jungle; could slow you down, because jungle is very thick.
Alpine; could make you have to control breathing, or debuff you, since there is less air up there.
Arctic; could give you frostbite, so you can’t stay there for long, or you’re one with the ice.
Drygrass; could have mild heat at first, so you have to cool down, but when it gets to desert its much faster.
Also have sandstorms which blind you with sand and deal minor damage to you.
Caves; could be spending long time in the darkness will make you insane, so you are debuffed and it takes a long time to wear off.
Erthium biome; could have star sickness, since you aren’t meant to endure such otherworldy things.

You eventually gain resistance to this if you live long enough and keep going back.
But you could also get biome upgrades for this, there are two tiers of it.
Basic, Advanced.
Basic will give you immunity to the biome, advanced will give you an advantage while in the biome.

Advanced jungle; by coating your weapons in the poison of jungle monsters, you deal slightly more damage. Another is jungle steath, where you blend in more. (This is kinda nullified by the fact you can go into bushes to hide)
Advanced alpine; every 2nd attack will make players do a breath control.
Advanced arctic; throw snow at players to make them cold.
Advanced drygass; immunity to sandstorms.
Advanced caves; turn stone armor on and off with a minute cooldown.

The effects of biomes on weapons.
Jungle; Magic advantage with slight melee and heavy ranged disadvantage
Alpine; Ranged advantage with slight melee and heavy magic disadvantage
Arctic; Melee advantange with slight ranged and magic disadvantage
Erthium biome; Magic advantage
Drygrass; Melee advantage

Biome Weapon:
Starts weak and evolves with its own tree. (melee weapon)
You can use it in different biomes to get different effects.

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y is this all deacrease for us and a buff for biomes