top 10

  1. 7clappz
  2. annoynymous
  3. agent hershy
  4. hi :slight_smile:
  5. dark destroyer
  6. lazorbak
  7. agnet ducky
  8. rker
  9. prookl
  10. dn clan
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wheres I ?

who are u


where should i put u

very cool, 7clappz ties for both first and tenth. same thing goes for lazorbak but sixth and tenth. very cool

10th is the guy named dn

there isnt one

I guess it is tirrel then

i am not even going to ask why those agent kids are on here :skull:

same i have violated all of them :skull: even a nood can get them low lmfao

this top 10 is absolute garbage brhh

so unaccruate.
and who the fck even are you?

top 10 worst players of all time

im above hi and ducky

they are good

you are just mad that i am higher than you lololololololol

no he put the entire dn clan at 10 :skull:

hershy is bad. im better than him and hi

biased lmfao