Realmz mech terror glitch

This glitch has happened to me before but it also happened to me twice today, basically what happens is the mech stops shooting and only points up, all the other orbs still work though

Ye this glitch happened to me before too it made the fight so free

yeah free xp basically

SAme i sent some pics to future ill se if i can find em


Yeah it ended up happening a couple more times that day but it happens so randomly

ikr i have a video of it but it took it as a picture on here it wont put the video format

It is actually pretty common, but only seems to occur when there is 1 or 3 people fighting

it happened when me and random was doing it

u know im random right?

o rlly?
i didn’t know that.

well like no need to call me random then just call me fishy lol i have 3 fake alts
random i made an account that got chat banned i was on yesterday lol and i have a player alt called oof which i happened to fake as my gf LOLLLLL

u were oof i gave u xp