Realmz skin concept: Pufferfish

Just a concept, so if you guys have any suggestions for me, I’d love to hear it, thought I’d try it out for fun.
Please let me know how I can improve in the future


Looks fire, your really suited to making skins

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very good skin! :fire:

if you woud like to submit it to be in the game you can do so at
(this is not required)

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one of the best skin concepts I’ve seen

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holy nice skin :fire:

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This looks so clean! Great job

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this looks great, maybe try adding more colours next time? also u can make a sea urchin next :)))

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Should be free because I’m broke

Cool skin please add

It’s a cringe skin

No it not

(But seriously if I can fix anything lmk)


make it into pufferfish sashimi and 10/10 skin pufferfish sashimi from

my dumb a** was about to complain that it looks like a pufferfish. I don’t know what I was thinking.

i want to hug it

it looks so cuddly

Thats what they all say until they try to hug it and get poked.

No I just wanted to mess with this “Greedy” person


Don’t want to take up space in topics so here’s a megalodon skin lmao
Lmk what I can fix