Realmzling biology

Have you ever wondered how realmzlings work? how these little blobs survive in this harsh environment? this anatomy diagram explains it all!


Good job its good

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this explanes it all

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thanks dude!

it makes you think about it you know

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A game that actually explains the very fast regeneration when the skins durability goes too low it just kinda explodes I guess

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dont think they are messengers but very nice diagram

It was once said that the Realmzings are close relatives to the SwordBattle Sphericals.

erth sphericals

Earth Sphericals are relatives to Realmzlings.

realmhopper btw
realmzling is not it

thats for erthlings

its a fan interpretation, besides realmz currently has no lore so i i just made my own, fan one. i might explain it further in next posts or even make a comic out of it


i think i talked to future a while ago about making lore but idk if we progressed on it at all or maybe its just unreleased memories :pensive:

did you play it?

yeah, im an og

he said theres no actual lore at the moment

wow nice

makes sense