:O what could this mean?

You’re a noob yourself, buckaroo. I wouldn’t be calling others noobs lmao

The ‘noobs’ have no chance in a 1v1, and how am i the problem, you can blame me that the noobs are always there when you try to go somewhere, they are always at the most common spots. And they like to hit you while you’re passing by. Everytime u get a hit on them they run away to heal and come back 1 min later just to be hit again.

I pick on the more noobish ones :+1:

Its my clan and it stands for the kool kids klan

And my name did not have a slur bruh

Pick on yourself


@futurepear at this point, just ignore him and extend his chatban. He clearly is not sincere about his actions while trying to justify his toxicity by insulting ‘noobs’.

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Yep im surprised people try to justify being toxic instead of trying to be a better person

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Even I’m mot toxic anymore bruh


Isn’t killing people a part of the game?

To be fair you also insult ‘noobs’

Not anymore, bud. Also I never justified my actions, argued with mods over this, nor did I do anything racist or discriminatory


i am pretty sure u still do

Killing people is not toxic, but what you’re doing right now: picking on noobs and putting racial references in your name is. The fact that you’re even trying to justify this and provide excuses for your behavior is disgusting. Just acknowledge what you did instead of arguing with Future and Crab.


Pretty sure I don’t even play realmz anymore

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My actions were not racist, i wasn’t targeting a group of people in game, it was just a clan name.

You’re just a lost cause at this point


BRUH wasnt u on yestoday