We should make it so that there is a way to kill mods, cap their max hp at 300 and give /heal a 5min cool down. There is no way to stop mods currently, and can we make it so they can’t pull you to a spike and wait for you to die, It’s very annoying and I’ve sadly been killed very too many times that way. They can also kick you out of the server which is kinda :confused: .

  • Yes, make mods hard to kill
  • No, make mods unkillable
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Solution: dont put slurs and kkk stuff in your name


skill issue: why do you need to kill mods in the first place- they help the game to be a safer and more enjoying place

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well the thing is they like to pull me into spikes which is a problem on its own

I dont even use slurs :slight_smile:

This happens if you are rude to the people who want to make the game a safe and non toxic experience

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just ask for a restore after smh, if they mess with you just say to stop kindly

The moderators are instructed to only go after rule breakers so it looks like you did


i wasnt being toxic + i was only targeting high level players

how am i breaking rules?

Who isn’t toxic? The pros always have a habit of picking on starters

We want to stop that

The thing is you can’t, noobs are a walking xp box all you need to do is break it open. Why would you go the longer way when there is xp right there ready for you? They are also ‘Noobish’ and very easy to pick on.

you dont have to insult them tho

they are very annoying to chase after when they keep using auto fire…

and sometimes when you say the right words, they get mad and try to kill you instead of running which makes it easier to kill them…

Dude what :skull:
there are no mods in, if you got sniped by one its the devs getting on to catch toxic people.
I was literally on while they were doing it (and even became a hacker to do it with em)

Oh and here’s why you got got pulled to spikes.
one of these people got chatbanned too :woozy_face:


is it that hard to not insult someone just cuz u dont like how they play

Seems like your problem to me. Sure noobs are annoying but what if you get a friend to team up with you? Or better yet you teach the noob how to play and do a fair 1v1

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@DXRK explain this??