Recruiting members for team {THUNDER} in

How would any of u non-clan members like to join thunder, one of the strongest clans in the game. Led by me, User_Anony, we come in as fast as lightning with the strength of a hurricane, and leave nothing behind.

since when is it one of the strongest clans

@Kekereke what is ur in-game name

My other alt wants to join this cringe fabulous clan


nah, I’d win

bruh even the kk|( clan which was made in an hour is stronger then your clan x-x

again with the kkk?

bruh kkk sucks
they were around for 3 hours and had 5 members

the clan was made a long time ago the members quit

@Loco hey man wuts ur in-game name

Devil or some of the older players call me Ark or the very old ones call me King

@Loco ok thx for that info
do u play anymore
and btw, devil got chatbanned

just check my profile, its all in there lol

dude ur not making ur case any better acting like this :skull:

@Kekereke yo sykon wassup its me user

@Loco devil y r u off topic
im recruiting members for my clan, not having a chatroom

whos in your clan?

alright bro we both gonna get in trouble if we don’t stop talking

prob not me but sure