RED SAMURAI? (I’m new, don’t judge)

Btw don’t have a sword. So…… and maybe the saying to go along could be like, “ don’t cross him…” or something cringy like that. Idk. Maybe for like 400k?

its not even a circle?

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Question, Do all skins have to be circle?

no only the one that get put in the game have to be a cirlce

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Okay, thanks

What about like the magician one?

that was still a circle it can have minal extensions

Ohhhh ok. I didn’t know

it’s right

um excuse me what is that

Hey title sayz, dont judge also @Undefeated_JELLY12 r u from neshaminy?

No, I’m from the US? (Ohio)


Yikes, Ohio? that must suck

Ik. Bro, the weather? It’s actually crazy. We had like 80 degrees in NOVEMBER!!!

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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa another person from ohio!!!

im on a trip and havent been home for 2 days but is was there snow for you on sunday

Does Ohio exist??

Yes /: you know it dose where do you think the first plane was made Dayton Ohio!!!

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Well what’s in Ohio? Are there a bunch of people that are mad around every corner?

Well there is the Ohio river and the national Air Force museum the wright brothers bike shop and more stuff