Requests that might improve game-play

Requests by Me (Penguin):
I would especially like for @gautam to read this but this is to ask if the try-hards of the community would like some of these ideas.

V2 is coming out very soon and people are concerned that the current PVP might be altered. But maybe we are thinking this wrong and should alter the current state of PVP.
First, there is no way of catching up or running away fast. Many io games have different ways to speed up.
Yes, I know that throwing a sword slightly speeds up the character but this is only enough to run from the annoying little bugs that swarm you.
Most IO games have some way to increase your movement speeds I have a couple of examples. First, in or most bullets have recoil, and those help like in the triangle classes or the destroyer classes. These are passive speed-ups that people take into consideration when building a tank (upgrade-wise). I think there are better ways more suited for SB.
Second, (I think these are uncreative but it does work,) some IO games like or have a boost feature. I don’t like this as it will make SB too similar and uncreative as these two games.
Third, (the best option for SB I think,) is a speed-up system like Krunker has something called slide-hopping ( Slidehopping | Wiki | Fandom) and I think a good way to pull this off is swinging the sword to slow down the sword throw temporarily and by throwing the sword right after in a small time window and running toward the direction the player threw the sword, the sword hits the player and speeds up the player. This might be unrealistic but coins don’t make people bigger in real life. This will allow players to speed up faster and increase the skill cap (make this trick pretty hard).
This is kinda similar to the speed-ups in or, experienced players place down a boost pad and ram into players. This brings us to the next idea, buffing the sword throw, and sword swing. Also in those two games, players swing their primary weapon (usually has high single-hit damage like a sword or spear) and swap to their sub which also has high single-hit damage (like a musket). People already do this but it’s not really effective and the sword throw does almost no damage.
Another request is to make growth slower, as these two changes alone will cover for the loss of sword size and being very big is sometimes a disadvantage. Maybe the level-ups don’t grow the size that much and the game is more dependent on upgrade points (which were part of the SB2 trailer). Another upgrade that might be good is a swing/throw cooldown and body damage. If the speed-up is good enough, rammers might be a viable option and this will also remove swarmers from the game because you aren’t extremely slow & your body murders people.

Requests other people might have:


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Edit: Made the post into an wiki

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I didnt read it all but iread a good amount. I initially thought about the aame thinf and asked for a boost but we have a speed upgrade which should help

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The speed upgrade might help but it’s not interesting and a special way for skilled players to speed up will make people more interested in the game. The great games are the games with high-skill caps. (diep (all classes in general but overseers and overlords have high skill-caps), taming/moomoo (triangle spikes and the primary->secondary attack I made in the post)

Also I have to say, are you having a stroke :laughing:




Why :sob: Please read!!
I will give you an cookie

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no there isnt subway surfers playing and i aint reading with subway surfers

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Read the whole thing and overall good ideas. Yes I will reduce the size gap between players to emphasize PvP and level the playing field.

I think this is already a current strat? You can throw your sword at a player to speed up and catch up to them (works well in corners).

Rammers and other powerups are also a good idea but likely not coming for the initial v2 release as they are easy to implement but hard to balance (eg. makes big people OP).


Maybe sword throw speed could be slightly increased

What I’m trying to say is that there should be some way of speeding up (similar to Krunker’s side-hopping) that’s not just the slow speed increase when you throw the sword and it should be harder to pull-off than just throwing a sword or just pressing an special button.

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lol i like this,
i was hella good at but i lost my account

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they kinda do lmao, not more mass but you are definitely gonna be more powerful.

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That’s a lot of words, too bad i ain’t reading em

Too bad you didn’t read it :shoot::boom: Doom dies

Ok who didn’t read everything :shoot:?? If you read it now I will spare you

You should make paragraphs and subtitles to make it clearer but I still understood it fine imo

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I will try to do that but I’m too lazy

I did read it, it was just a joke Penguin

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you cant kill what already dead inside so i didnt read it

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