Same Symbol? hmmmmmm

Continuing the discussion from Crucible hammer:

This picture and the link below are skins and are good but the thing is is that they both have the same mark @Mathew_Alvarez_Gutie srry but i think u might have to change it a little if u ask Cosmic(not me!) and he says it’s fine then ye u can just close the topic

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read the name were brother he copied off me because i told him i was gonna make it

yeah but there cant be 2 differ skins that are very similar

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they are not that simular

his is less deatail mine its more detailed

No more arguing or none of the skin will be added. Cosmic will decide when he has the chance, as of now I cannot decide because I’m coding something but here @ManagePasswords

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I was hoping ud do it but i say no because i dont prefer having symbols in skins

I’m sorry I didn’t have the time I’m getting SSL Certificates for a website and getting copyright license.

Also getting Cname Records