SB competitions

So I see a lot of competitions nowadays, for example @Hamm s tgfb, and @Yutong s swordbattle Olympiad, but wouldn’t it be cool if @gautam could make a competition himself or one of the devs and the reward could be in-game coins? Just an idea


Well TGFB was around longer than any other competition, so TGFB is the first competition on this forum

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Plus I’m pretty sure if you win tgfb, you get a spot on the hall of fame.

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Which idiot said that

Lol no so many comps just tgfb is one of bigger ones


Info about TGFB - #8 by Hamm I think here.

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nah thats tgfb hall of fame. not the sb hall of fame

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well thats what i’m trying to say

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100k competition?

My bad.

But there are older

Mine is as official as it gets, I already asked, and the winner of mine gets something from him, maybe

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Not really

yes, actually, coder said he’d give the winner “Cool dude”, the badge

What if the person who wins already has the cool dude badge?

They only get to be on the TGFB hall of Fame, which will be released when I have all of the team logos cough reminder cough