SB Sudden Growth In Players | Reason Explained

This YouTuber With 800K+ Subscribers Played SB 3 weeks ago

sadly hes like those YouTubers you got a lot of subs but lost a bunch of views due to “boring videos”

idk if Gautam saw this video yet which he probably did because we all know this man is always searching “” on YouTube to see if i famous person made a video on it
(respectfully sayin)

And During this Past Weeks we’ve noticed SB having more then 40+ Players and This Guys Video has a 90% Chance why.

(The Skibidi Ad Was Crap)

Yes Bet Here a Poll FOr YOUR Thoughts On This

  • Its 100% The YouTube Video
  • Must Be Another Reason
  • Da Skibidi Ad
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def the skibidi ad

That explains a lot of it

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we need @gautam to see this

24k views is crazy!!!

I bet the google ads never even broke 5k.


It wasn’t that dudes video or the skibidi ad. Wanna know what it was? People were feeling such a good aura that I give off and they were attracted to the great game, dreaming of the day they can see me in-game and hear my iconic, “Sup, G.”

There’s a different reason you are wrong.

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whats the reason

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He has a proxy where u can send a numbrr of ppl to your site and also he has a view good ads

I told all my friends (irl) about it

gautam saw this forever ago when the vid was actually uploaded

that might scare a few people away lol

Nah, you see I’m just such a chill dude people will like follow whatever I do cuz they are trying to act chill like me. They see me playing a fire game, then they wanna play that same fire game. I’m telling you :100:% the reason.

Ha. It becuz I advertis in secret

chat is this real?

btw only way for u to be a dev is if ur a mod or know how to code :skull:

Ut is real u hav piture if i


i dont understand what u sayin here

Um, Ok?