Seasonal Skins: Thanksgiving Turkey!

New Skin For Thanksgiving!!!

I have decided to keep the seasonal skins going! This time I have made a turkey skin! I spent hours on this skin trying to make it look really good so I hope it gets added! Anyways enough talk here is the skin.

Name: Turkey
Description: Gobble 'em up!
Price: 1m or somthn
Turkey Skin
Turkey Sword


Before anyone says I used this picture

I guarantee I did not use any part of this image. Although, I did draw inspiration from it, but that’s NOT copying it. If you really want proof I can send the photoshop file.

Also if anyone has a better price then put it in. In my opinion this should be in the upper price range. I suppose that during thanksgiving it could be free and later it will have a higher price though. It’s up to Cosmic and Coder.


uve made better but it is good

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all of my other skins have been very pixelated and not smooth. This is the first skin I made with photoshop and it looks a lot cleaner that the others.
---------(very pixelated) --------------------- (smooth edges)---------
bread skin Turkey Skin
Magician Skin
bread skin

I like the sword!

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I like first and last

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It should be like the pumpkin skin. Free during the week of thanksgiving, but raised price after that.

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