Selling Skins

Selling Skins

My brilliant idea is that we should start to sell skins. The players should be allowed to sell skins,but the coins that come back are less that what they bought it for. For example,the dragon is 50,000,000 coins,but if someone wants to sell it(someone crazy), they can sell it for 40,000,000 instead.


… lol

there would be legit no point to doing this
unless they added something like skins you can maybe get by doing things in game like killing people or breaking chests like every time you kill someone theres a 5% chance you could get some skin you cant get in the shop and only through getting that 5% chance


horrable idea bcz then rare skins that not alot of people have would become worthless bcz u could just buy it

the rarity of rare skins wouldnt change because people would have no reason to do this

well i think it could be good so if you accidently bought a skin you could get most of it back and if you really wanted a skin then you could do that

The PRICE of the skin

i still think that if this was added legit nothing would happen because people would realize pretty quickly that theres only downsides to selling your skins

Yeah, although say a new skin got realeased and someone doesn’t want to grind, but instead just sell their old skin in order to get the new skin! It could be pretty useful


Thanks for your opinions! I just wanna point out that rare skins won’t become worthless since they’re still worth the same amount of money and you’re still buying it with your money.

Just doing this so it won’t close down.

yeah but only in that specific scenario it still seems like a pretty useless feature

It will still be a nice addition.

kinda dumb but idk

It actually isn’t. For example,a new skin just released and it costs a lot of money. You’re able to afford it,but you’ll lose a lot of gold. You need to see if it’s good or not. If you buy it,and it’s the worst,you wasted gold. If you can sell skins,you can get most of it back which is better than nothing.

I like this idea!


BAd idea people can buy like dragon sell it buy the next item sell it buy the next item sell it…

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Inf cash /;