Shadowblade's teir test

So As some might know I’m a teir tester for swordbattle (unofficial not sure if gautam aproved) but while I was 1v1ing shadowblade he sure was a very skilled player with pvp.

This is how it went…

He won like 3 or 2 out of the 9 or 10 we have

During those matches he came close to winning
Doing impressively well

I’m surprised to say he got…

His teir test level


Congrats @Shadowblade

Lets see if in the future he gets ht1 (best of the best :) )

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I think honestly shadow would be like mid tier 1

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The Real Rating
WASD moving: 4
chat Usage: 3
sword attacking: 6
sword throwing: 4
sword battling: 7
points: 128k
points for points: 3
points for points for points: 69
graphic appreciation: 13
graphic appreciation: 18
enemy killing: 12
enemy wanting: 4
emotional feelings towards mobs: 52
really emotional feelings towards mobs: prookl level
emotional feelings towards other player: 13
really enomtional feelings towards other player: 3, but depends
using the keyboard to play: 5
using the keys to play: 6
opinions: 8
innocence: 777
points for innocence: 0
hate towards enemies: 6
love towards enemies: too much, but not in the way i wanted
artistic pfp: 62
giving in to the sussy: 35
jail time: 5 year olds
balls: 6
swordbattling: 69
prookl’s judgement: low

OVERALL RATING: HT6 to Potential Candidate

You say my name?

No but watever family relative u have does at night really loudly

points since idk what you have going on:
sister: 100
brother: 50
mother: 60
father: 30

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