Share your sb playlists!

soo everyone likes music.

i mean…i hope, at least.

but anyways, i was wondering…what are your favorite playlists or genres you listen to while swordbattling?

i like rap or instrumental beats because they 120 bpm normally…

what about you guys?

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i think theres already a topic like this

ok nvm theres no

knew it lol

It’s mostly something like rock or something that I like, but I rarely play SB rn

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nice! i dont usually listen to rock but i might try at some point

wait when u say playlist do you mean by music play list?

N o t h i n g


lol…ok…ik you meant it in a sarcastic way but literally, some people do like to play sb with no sound at all, not even the sound effects, because it amplifies their keyboard and mouse sounds.

im not being sarcastic i mute my computer when i play lel

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oh alr then i agree sometimes its nice to play with no sound cuz it amplifies your keyboard and mouse sounds while you play…sounds amazing especially if you got one of those asmr keyboards

but sometimes when i play i listen to lofi

same - lofi girl or some other artist(s)?

anything fr

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random lol I don’t know what I’m gonna listen to as long as it ain’t crap I’m fine

Honestly metal; Slipknot, Korn, Slayer, System of a down.


nice! haven’t heard any of those songs, might check em out!

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