share your xp chart growth!

so i just wanted to take a look at my xp chart…uh, and i realized something - i have a quite interesting xp chart.

because in general, my xp chart used to go up pretty slowly - slowly, but climbing nevertheless. however, that all changed when i started grinding for #100 - take a look at this!

there is an absolutely huge climb near the end of the xp chart! this is when i started grinding for top 100. (still going, too!)

I still can’t see my one lol

oh thats strange, sorry abt that.

nice! thats some huge growth!

Yeah me neither, keeps just crashing my phone

u grinded too much

Man I suck at grinding next summer ig I will have to do another no life month to keep my place

Mine kinda sad but Meh

I still can’t have mine load for some reason but here is the link probably looks a bit odd

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Will fix that soon



just realized v1 and v2 grind days are so different in xp amounts now…

Sad how much i fell off

It feels like a lot of coins but definitely not a lot of xp

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