Shiny Spike Ball

It shines like crazy…


My eyes burn.

I dont think it is transparent, it is not the same color as the gray-ish black-ish color of the formating of the forum, the other skins are the same color.

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@gautam is this transparent?

But i do like it

its. transparent.

just download it, you’ll see


Heres proof if you dont want to download it yourself

Let me get on my compter
I am on my aleaxa right now, lol, it is an echo show, it has a screen


Weird, because look at other skins around the circle, then look at yours, it must be the shine…

It’s not transparent it looks transparent on a white background but it has a slight gradient around it.

But actually I think it will look cool in-game so I will let you know if you have to change it


(The point is the gradient glows which makes it look cool, probably would be cool with an angel skin)

Yes that’s what I thought too

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