Shoot coins

Maybe gautam can add something where u can shoot out ur coins in game to feed other players. ofc ur xp wud go down tho…

GASP But would I really want my xp to go down tho :thinking:

if u steal a kill…

no, please dont add that @gautam

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Y not…

No, i say NO to this one. Its gonna become literally crazy and you would be able to glitch it by joining another game with ur acc and feed all your accounts.
Not only big players will take advantage.

So my opinion is…… no.


@Fish I agree, it would get crazy.

Maybe sounds fun


@gautam True. :laughing:

or you can throw out coins for a speed boost

how- people are gonna abuse it an get a lot of coins. and people will abuse it to lag the servers

Nooo I want it (me throwing a tantrum)

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Yeah that makes sense I dont think this will be added at least not any time soon.

Right now it’s really easy to get coins i don’t want to make it any
easier or it won’t be fun

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