Shop organization

So i was think maybe we can organize the shop differently. Rn its greates price to least. I was thinkong maybe we can categorize the skins and put them in their respective categories.

If we add trails and different cursors, maybe we can have a dropdown to the right of your amount of coins where you can pick which shop you want to see. Ie skins, trails, cursors, or death effects?

that would be cool!

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I should make some concept art for this…

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Cursor Concept Art
Name: Spike
Desc: Ouch, It’s sharp!
Cost: 5,000



I like the idea, since other types of cosmetics aren’t planned yet, how do you think just skins could be organized


U can organize them by their class and select which class u want to see ina dropdown. That way people will explore more and loading will be better BCC u only load the selected class

If u add more cosmetics i can handle them and just become the art dude for sword

First msg edited, there was big typo before
Also if ur onboard with this idea i can sort the skins into classes

I dont know I think it might make it harder to find skins. Lets see later.

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But then people will click around more instead of going straight to expensive or cheap

Exactly thats why I dont want it it should be easy t o find skins

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U can just click on the dropdown tho instead of scrolling…

I think this still might be op for the users that have played for longer and grinded the game for like 5 mins and are maxed out already

but still kool

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