Should i change my SB user

  • no
  • yes(and comment)
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i agree

wht? @Hamm @Slapadabass those are so funny, make them better lol


you should change it to your address
don’t do that thats bad lmao

uhh it has to relate to my name, so people would know

Anything but queen firelizzy ur cat isnt a queen and isnt on fire

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purple orange eat raisins

You can be similar to @FwhipyFishy with SpiffyCayden’s#2fan

i like your idea

well @FLARE thought of that lol


idrc what u change it too

change it to yzziLregiT (totally not the name backwards)

then dont reply XD

no i dont really think so bcz its like why i dont change mine to wolfie bcz nobody will know who i am unless i tell them and that would be annoying to tell everybody i know on sb who i am

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ikr lol, so many people didnt recoganize me when i changed to QUEEN FIRELIZZY lol

okay so your pfp isnt a “tiger” which makes no sense. So how about “goofyahhmeowmeowlizzy”


this is a joke please dont take it the wrong way