Should i do it?

soo…for a while, i’ve wanted to make a skin, but i’m kind of procrastinating because of a couple of reasons:

  1. i don’t know a good website to do it on

  2. i’m bad at art :frowning:

  3. i don’t have inspiration

so i was wondering if anyone can help me with finding a good website to do it on, and also maybe some inspiration? Soon I will make my first skin and then you guys can be the judge on whether the skin is good enough (lol).

2 Likes i can send you a vid

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of basics

yes can you?

do you do 300x300 pixels or some other form of measurement

Yes that is the size limkt

so pixels?

Wait one sec I’ll get links I personally use Adobe fresco btw

great tysm Wasd

Going to start a skin soon, i just need some inspo :)

i am sending video rn
it is basic but works

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I will send a pic of what you should make

sorry for me explaining the steps a whole lot


I did this for an english project

and he wanted to know every step

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Usually start with something simple even if it is already in game like an alarm clock

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Use photoshop

make jello

Definitely! Another suggestion is pixlr.

yep thats rlly basic

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