Should i make a minecraft sword battle mod

I know how to make mods and this idea inspired by Hamms stupid idea came up, A MC MOD, think about it.

ask to be one and ill make your sb skin into a mob, to be one, reply with your sb name and skin you use.

all skins weapons

the different classes in sb

custom textures:
grass = sb grass
tall grass = those green smoke cloud thingys

bread ā€˜nā€™ butter

this took very little effort to think about and type out but its just a silly little idea, and once i make it, i could put a download link in the forums

make me a mob I use the Lava skin


Make me a mod i use the ham skin


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And are you taking about bushes here?

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sorry, didnt know they were bushes, yes

Also ur copying me but not as good >:[

Lol, you could eat bread and butter

new food item?

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