Should we remove skins that have diffrent items for swords?

Me and coder Are going to be judging skins soon to decide what goes in or out and I’m wondering, should we remove skins that have a different item for a sword, for example some skins have banananas, scythes etc for swords but dosent that kinda swap from the idea of, should we allow these skins to be remade? Asking for your ideas in the comments.



I need scythe. If u takw out scythe i will use one. I NEED SCYTHE. Dont take out scythr. U can take out wht u want idc but dont take out scythe. Just plz dont take out scythe. Anytthing but scythe


Can i help judge too?


I like scythe to but I’m saying should we swap out it’s sword or scythe.

wait u don’t have scythe

ok takeing out scythe first

u can’t do tht

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it a joke bvbv

@Mitblade you promised to add anime skin right

Ofc it will come once you submit an anime skin

@Mitblade i like the scythe in scythe and thts more important bc after evol…

No anime skin. Nasty yuck


I actually like this idea, we just need good swords for the replacement skins. First we need to come up a list of swords we need.

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Dude plz keep the scythes. I love them.maybeinstead of objects we need weapons.

Hint scythe is a weapon lotion is not so keep scythe but not lotion


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO plsplspls literaly all of my swords arent swords. like the reaper scyth, like the demon axe, like the fox tail. plssssss


HECK NO! A banana can be a sword! Just use your imagination. -it also takes the creativity out of the game

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i think alot of people who created skins who swords are different may quit.

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Yes scythe is best


I think it’s fine as long they have the shape of a sword or at least similar in size to a sword

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